12 Online Part Time Jobs for Students That Pays More Than $19/hr

Passing through college is a guarantee way to offset the high costs of school.

But it is very difficult to find a decent lucrative and well-paying job you can balance with classes and extra activities.

Instead take a view at 100 different ways of making money online. If you would like this as your primary way of making consistent income, besides, tricks to make fast $100 won’t suffice.

For a consistent payback and work-from-home arrangement, take a look at these 13 jobs college students can start online.


1.Social Media Manager

Starting Pay: $15-$40/hour


Running a company’s social media accounts can be a lively way of generating income on a dynamic schedule. It is a fantastic way to bridge with businesses you cherish.

Manager of social media works as the voice and face of a business brand on different number of engaging media. You will have to promote deals and content and also interacts with followers.

How to Get Started

You can randomly place your resume on a job boards, but best way is to contact local companies and business owners directly. Alternatively, you can contact business you have already patronize.

Focus on social platforms you love and know inside out to boost your pay. If

If you have enormous skills in twitter, make known your experience. If you spend much time on Pinterest, start making use of your skills.

Also, be creative: Outline a schedule on how to connect with your customers either through snapchat or Instagram whichever way. Small scale companies and business owners might not have known about this platforms, making you a strong member of the team.


2.Online Tutor

Pay: $13-$20/hour or more

Start your own tutoring business by taking your academic strong points and facts online.

By offering tutoring to peers and fellow student colleague or making bridge with a K-12 students in home-school programs.

And it is definitely not only about academics. Emphasis on your extra activities and talents, and grant tutorials or consultation in issues such as music, art, social media, fashion and nutrition, as well.

How to Get Started

You can start by marketing your skills online at Wyzant or Tutor.com. Or by applying via one of these companies.

Otherwise, gather all the materials and create an online course to sell via  SkillshareUdemy or your through your own personal website.

online jobs for students-data entry

3.Data Entry Clerk

Pay: $9-$16/hour

These job has a low paying rate, but they don’t require a huge skill sets or experience. Typically all what is required is to have a computer system and a strong steady internet connection.

How to Get Started

You can find numerous online data entry jobs through the following website:

online jobs for student-graphic designer

4.Resume Writer

Pay: $15-$25/hour

Peradventure you might know someone who is about to graduate or you have a knowledge on someone who is seeking for job, you can agree to grant them aid by designing a resume to suite perfectly into their job search.

How to Get Started

Search online resume writing jobs via these sites:

But you will be face with stiff competition and maybe submitting an unwanted applications.

Rather, make effort to reach your potential customers via your existing network channels, like buddies, looking for jobs and internships in the summer.

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5.Search Engine Evaluator

Pay: $12-$15/hour

Generate income up to $15 in an hour doing cleaning up of search engines, like Yahoo!, Google, and Bing.

In spite of steady updates to their algorithms, search engines still contains so many errors. They only depend on reports giving by real humans via survey for accurateness, quality, usefulness and feedback. That is your point of entry here.

How to Get Started

You can find search engine jobs evaluators from the following websites.

6.Niche Blogger

Pay: varies

Select a valuable topic that interest readers. Through your efforts in becoming an authority, you can make money through blogging.

If you make an information source repertoire in your niche, you can generate stream of income through important advertising, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing,

With a proper planning and management of time, you can create writings and promoting your blog at your time availability, and generate passive income all through the day when visitors are reading in your site.

How to Get Started

First approach is to develop a website. There are several options in hosting website. One of the famous webhosting platform is Bluehost. You will be require to pay a token of — $2.95 a month — but it is very important.

Keep an eye on our guide to starting a blog to get up and start running.

7.Freelance Writer or Editor

Pay: varies; $50+ per article

This is exactly how I generate my earnings for 4 years while traveling and moving around the U.S. It is a profitable, and flexible work.

You can create your own time, select your services and set your best rates. The good part of it is that you can generate income about anything you write.

Making income via researching and writing on your standing hobbies and adoring beats a barista gig in campus coffee shop, Isn’t?

You may likewise try freelance proofreading. These gigs are fantastic and is a good ways of keeping your toes in fore steps in the writing world when you have no time and energy to  bestow to composition.

How to Get Started

A fast approach search can display that there is no shortage of freelance writing job online. It is difficult to go through, so here are some of our tips to search for the best gigs:

And it might be that you will want to give proofreading a go, there are dozens of course online to get you started.

Try Proofread Anywhere. It bids a free seven-day course so you are free to use it if it’s the right channel to go. If you pass through, it will teach you how to kick-off your own business, so you can device an agenda that suits your workload in the semester.


Pay: $5-$50 per gig

Would it be possible to reduce your debt, or even earn a living with $5 at a time?

If you got talents and skills, you will be able to fine with Fiverr!

Change your wide ideas and distinct talents into gigs on Fiverr. If you don’t want to waste time for takers, search for a posted service, and choose a few bucks out of posted jobs.

Plagiarize website offer same opportunities.

Attempt Gigbucks for jobs with price in between $5 and $50, and we also have TenBux for services from $5 to $10. TaskRabbit also bridge between you and real-life jobs and odd virtual jobs that can bring to you extra ash or even become a full-time job.

How to Get Started

Access our outline on what you can start selling on Fiverr to have knowledge of the unknown gems and talents you will need!

You have to ensure you are giving value to your time; if for instance your are earning $4 an hour, it will definitely not be your best bet.

9.Virtual Recruiter

Pay: $20-$30/hour

Put your talents and links in your industry to use by interfacing workers or freelancers with the correct jobs.

As an individual who offers a virtual enrollment specialist, you will invest quite a bit of your time in between organization and potential new contracts. You will be posting availability of jobs, examine resumes, conduct initial interviews, and negotiate with salaries.

This job can earn you around $50, 000 per annum for full-time engagements, $20 – $30 per hour for employees, contractors, or even on a rate of commission you set in freelancing.

How to Get Started

You can start off by doing these freelance jobs, start browsing virtual recruiter listing offers on LinkedIn, or any of the following freelancing sites.

  • Upwork (formerly elance/oDesk)

10. Power Point Presentation Designer

Pay: varies, approximately $10-$20 per slide

Have you gotten mastery of PowerPoint for a project last semester? You can actually turn such skills into making of money.

If peradventure business owners or keynotes speakers hadly have enough time to produce presentations for their activities, you can assist them in doing it.

How to Get Started

Set up your own virtual storefront, like this professional slide designer, or list your services on freelance sites like Upwork or Freelancer.


Pay: varies, $70-$700 per project

For sure, people will definitely reward you for putting in one place their complex family trees.

Are you already a hobby genealogist or studying the subject in school? You could charge between $70-$700 per request, and take on as much or little work as you can manage.

How to Get Started

Setting up your own individual virtual assistant storefront, similar to this professional genealogist, or list your gigs on freelance websites.

12.Virtual Assistant

Starting pay varies with duties: $10-$20/hour

Getting paid in using the organization in addition to communication services you’ve advanced to remain on top of your schoolwork, courses and extra activities.

Virtual Assistant or VA gigs has different prices, time and work schedule. You might assist people and businesses owners with data entry job, website management, social media maintenance, research and even customer services.

With more and several experts stepping into self-employment jobs as a freelancer, these positions are extremely of high demand.

How to Get Started

Check here for virtual assistant offers via these website:


Pay: $15-$25/hour or more

Transcribing needs a little or definitely no prior experience, and grants suitable hours and workloads.

The work seems easy: Pay attention to audio and write whatever you hear. But it can be repeated and needs a lot of devotion to detail.

With that been said, the suitable working hours will fit well within an academic agenda. And the compensation is an attractive decent selling point: Earn within $15 to $25 for wide-ranging record, additionally if you absorb to major in the legal or medical grounds.

How to Get Started

There are transcriptionist jobs you can find through these websites:

Though, if you would like to kick off your own transcription business and select your chosen clients, Transcribe Anywhere grants you online courses. There are even some free introductory small courses. That will spice you to start a trail run.

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