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Money with Torrent Sites

Being in the info marketing business, I’ve come into contact with hundreds of different methods to
making money online. So here’s where you guys stand to benefit. Hehe.
Ok so here’s the basic mindset for this method. I’ve come to a conclusion that “pirates” however cheap
as they come, are unable to get over one big manly flaw, SEX. And my tests have proven, that pirates PAY
on a higher consistency than the average online porn surfer. This translates into much higher conversion
rates, with a much larger somewhat untapped market.
Here’s basically what I did:

Step 1:

Get (or ahem purchase) dating guides (ebooks/videos/seminars) online. It’s best to get guides that
concentrate on “getting sex/dates online via dating sites”. Scrape them and summarize them into an
ebook less than 5 pages long. Too long of an ebook will decrease conversion rates.

Step 2:

Reword the ebook mentioning the dating sites that seem to work best for your methods. Add in 2 of
your recommended dating sites’ affiliate URL in the beginning and end of the ebook (more about which
dating site to choose at the bottom of this guide).

Step 3 (Crucial):

Simply submitting the ebooks with titles like “How to get sex online” or “How to find horny women
online” is going to get you banned. Torrent/P2P sites hates free stuff, and I’m sure the few of you who
have tried this would know best. So to combat this, you want to change your title and description to
something like this… “$3997 Underground Online Dating Guide – Only sold to 10 people” or any variation
to this. Basically you want everyone to know that the ebook WASN’T FREE, and it costs a bomb to get
such an exclusive guide. Remember to make up a guru name like “Mr. Playboy”.

Step 4:

Start submitting the ebook to top torrent sites, p2p like limewire, rapidshare/megashare forums (this
works very well) and finally private torrent sites (if you have access to them).

Step 5:

Change or rearrange a few sentences or paragraphs in your ebook, then change the title to something
different. The basic content and affiliate link remains the same. Repeat Step 4.

Step 6:

Repeat Step 5 and 4 every few days.

Step 7:

Watch your affiliate stats grow exponentially.
Now I’ve tried a great number of adult dating sites, so here are two of my best performing STATS and
Disclaimer: These are my stats from various testing which I don’t track. So you should be able to get even
higher conversion rates which turns to higher per signup $$$:

#1 – Iwantu

7 uniques per FREE signup ($7.10 per free signup)
71 uniques per PAID signup ($50 *35/week* to $100 *279/week* per paid signup)
By far my best performing dating site, choose the Pay per Profile for starters and once you see more and
more traffic, start using the Pay per Signup campaign instead.

#2 – AdultFriendFinder

5 uniques per FREE signup ($0.35 per click)
55 uniques per PAID signup ($100 per paid signup)
My 2nd best performing affiliate site, only Pay Per Order is worth using.
Now although AFF converts at a higher percentage than IWantU, the amount of traffic I get on IWantU is
substantially higher, even when I placed the IWantU affiliate link AFTER AFF on my ebooks. I would
assume that most downloaders of my ebooks already have a current account with AFF. Ultimately
IWantU has much higher profits. Don’t bother trying Rev/Percentage sharing, they have consistently only
got me 1/4 to 1/3 the profits of per signups. Not worth it.
This guide is pretty staight forward as you can see. Try to use a valid proxy while submitting your ebooks.
I don’t want to gloat about how much I’ve earned from using this method, but let me assure you that you
shouldn’t have any problems seeing 3 digits per day once you get the hang of this.


Money with Ebays affiliate Program

The best way to earn up to $120 / day online – use a very simple method, join  eBay affiliate program and make money  without selling any products by yourself. Join eBay’s aff program and get paid per lead/sale.
eBay provide an affiliate program  and there are some great opportunities to
make some extra income.
aBay’s aff program is powerful you get paid  per lead / sale.

1. Sign up for aBay aff program:
2. Make an online research for the best classified advertising websites. Make a list the best performing ads sites to get started. Craigslist is one of the best performing sites to use, but there are another sites  to use.
3. Choose the top sellers and launch ads on all the classified sites. Choose top sellers on eBay and launch campaigns on Craiglist or another classified sites. When people start buying product redirect them using your affiliate link to eBay.
4. You will get paid when people buy items on eBay through your affiliate link.

Now you can make easy $35/day with eBay affiliate program. Be creative test more offers, test more classified sites and make up to $120/day.


Free Website for everyone

Ok.. i’ll share with you today a “REAL” good money maker…. In this you dont really need to do anything
much.. You can hire people to do everything.. You dont even need any investment!!
And trust me its super scalable.. so you can make it as big as you can… i use it for emergency cash.. And i
dont do this too often
here it goes..
all of you would know about hostgator…For those of you who dont, Hostgator is a web hosting company
The best thing about Hostgators affiliate programs is when you send them a user who gets a month free
you get $120/sign up and they just have to verify there credit card..

Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon

now the trick is..

1) give a ad in a news paper saying you will give everybody a website for a cent
2) make them choose a template and send you the content
3) once done make the site and make them sign up on hostgator
4) they will sign up under your referral code as they are noobs and they dont know a thing bout IM they
will be so happy with it!
5) they will 90% of the time renew.. And you will get your earnings
now one ad in the news paper gets mostly something close to 400-500 orders… and it takes atleast a
month to cover all of them..
don’t forget to outsource all the work!!
You will make a lot of money + your word will spread due to the happy and satisfied customers.. and
they wont complaint much as it is almost free… and later on you can charge for support and stuff like
that if you wanna…!
And trust me.. there are a lot of noobs out there who need a website but dont have one.. And dont know
how to go about getting one… or are scared of the costs!


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