How To Make Money $127 Per Day From Viral Videos!

First step


The method that I’m going to describe to you now I’m just going to

show you how it works more or less so basically what we have here is we are

focusing on viral videos.

This is the main part of the strategy alright so what we do is we find viral

Videos. Videos that are going viral on YouTube.

There are certain categories of videos on YouTube that are

called Creative Commons videos and we choose these videos they give us a right

to use them. You can use them without any copyright issues so you get

you choose these viral videos. This is an outline of the strategy and then I can

point you to where you can find more information so you find these viral videos you don’t

need to make your own videos.


Second step

Create a Facebook fan page. This Facebook fan page is built around one specific niche. Let’s

say „dog lovers“ Search on youtube lovely little videos with dogs running

up and down or couch or whatever and you

are posting these videos on Facebook page. These videos are proven to go viral.


Because you can see them they’re growing

viral example YouTube and what you do is

you you start posting these videos on

your Facebook fan page which it’s free.


Create great engagement. There are a

little a few tricks you can do to the

video looks better and go viral. Download video from youtube and use some software do add some means and such some items to make it more popular. (Add to video smiles, funny symbols)


Now once you do that then you need to

create a niche blog. Niche blogs you can purchase them

for pennies.

Flippa Blog – The #1 Place to Buy and Sell Online Businesses



Or you can create blog for free, the most popular  free blogging platforms:





Okay so you have a niche blog. Your niche poke here that is is related

to dogs for example. So this is your

niche blog here you go different

articles about dogs and it’s got some affiliate links.


Affiliate links are basically links that are promoting related products and

if somebody buys during a commission.

Typically when we’re talking about digital digital products we’re talking

about anywhere from 50 to 100 percent

commissions so basically you’re

providing to a great value to these

people who are interested in this

particular niche for example dogs or dog

training or whatever you want.



posting these videos that are making

your page go viral and get a lot of

traffic and some of these

videos you are pointing back to

this blog.  This is another great

blog with the great value on it here and

great articles and some people are going

to go and purchase from these links.


They’re going to click on these links

here and they’re going to buy something

and when they buy you earn commissions.


It’s pretty simple pretty

straightforward strategy you can do the

same strategy in multiple niches and you

can also scale it up with Facebook Ads.


Facebook Ads now Facebook as the

cool thing about Facebook Ads is they

that they are extremely targeted.


Facebook is you know to connect

with your friends and have fun but

behind that is really a huge advertising


They’re making big money

out of it now it is a huge advertising

platform because Facebook they know

everything about you right they even

know when you’re going to toilet.

Just kidding just but they really know

everything about you, they know

more things about you then you know.


For example your purchasing habits.

point but what my point is that they

They know so many things about you that

they can laser target ads to you

depending on exactly what you want what

you’re interested in your hobbies what

you’re buying. Know which visit

which website you’re visiting what group

you’re part of so because you can laser

target so much your ads on Facebook. You

reduce a lot to cost because you’re not

just sending no buying ads just the

whole wide world is looking at it it’s

just the people who you really wanted

for example is only people who are

interested in dogs who are I don’t know

living in this place who are you can

really target so that’s why the cost of

affect of Facebook has is really cheap

so you could start with the cheap with

this cheapest five dollars a day now for

example you post a video and then you

can just boost the video okay and get

start getting this more traffic to it

and helping it go viral faster with a

little bit of aspect now you don’t have

to do this but this will help you

increase your business a lot faster

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