Yoonla Review – SCAM – How I spent $700 in ads on promoting Yoonla and didn’t get paid $900

Yoonla Review – SCAM – How I spent $700 in ads on promoting Yoonla and didn’t get paid $900

Is Yoonla Legit? An Overview

When it comes to money making opportunities online, it’s easy to be skeptical, especially when it comes to viable opportunities. Yoonla is a CPM affiliate platform that has been gaining traction with online marketers, despite it being a new arrival. However, it’s success and merit may do little to persuade those who are still a little dubious.

Yoonla is a CPA company and CPA stands for cost for actions.

Basically it means that if if you grab your affiliate link and then you send visitors to your’s affiliate link and if a person sign up zou get paid commission. Yoonla is a legit way to make money online.

When looking at Yoonla, it’s important to realize that the platform isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme, but rather an introduction to digital marketing. So, while you can make money with Yoonla, the platform must be used in the right way. Fortunately, help is at hand within the member’s panel.

Making Money with Yoonla

To sign up for the Yoonla platform, you simply need to click LINK and complete the details. Once you have registered you will receive an affiliate link. This link will be your own unique URL, and needs to be used to track your referrals.

Once you have been given your link, you simply need to find other potential members, and share your link where you feel relevant.

If this is your first foray into digital marketing, then don’t worry, there are a series of guides within the members area that look to make the process as easy as possible.

How Much Money Can I Make with Yoonla?

Many can assume that the Yoonla platform is a scam, as certain members may not make the same as others.

The Yoonla network reward members who are able to refer other members via the affiliate link. While there is no financial outlay required, those who wish to spread their wings will need to make an investment to reap the rewards.

For example, if you wanted to reach a wider demographic, then you may need to opt for the web hosting and autoresponder which are available within the VIP area.

While investment is required, implemented in the right way there’s very little reason as to why you can’t make a return. However, it will take more than a few placements on social media.

Those who find success on the Yoonla platform often make use of PPC ads. Again, this can require an investment, but you need to measure the cost against the profit.

For example, if your ad costs $1 per click, but you are receiving $5 per signup, then there is a large potential for you to make a profit.

If you refer any members that decide to upgrade their membership to VIP, then you will receive a further commission.

It can be useful to carry out some keyword research, as this will ensure you’re targeting the right kind of people, as well as finding keywords that are cost-effective. If you find that some keywords are too expensive, then try searching out longer keywords, as these can often be cheaper.

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The amount of money you can make with the platform is the same as any self-employed role, in that it can depend on the time and effort invested.

So, if you’re on the fence about joining the Yoonla program on the assumption that it may be a scam, you can rest easy, because nothing could be further from the truth. However, the platform may not be for everyone, and making a profit can take a lot of time and dedication.

Many can assume that something is amiss because they are not reaping in thousands of dollars, but hard work and perseverance are your best allies.

Recommended traffic sources for yoonla

Bing ads

Target keywords related to niche: “make money online”, “business opportunity”, “online marketing”

and direct ads to your affiliate link. You can make 4 $ per lead.

Udimi solo ads

Very important is quality of solo ads seller. I bought 3 solo ads  packages from different sellers price was 0,50 $ per click with bad ROI. With higher price per click I get positive ROI.

Posting to Facebook groups

Join facebook groups related “work from home” or “internet marketing” niche and post regularly with affiliate link.

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