How To Get Traffic To Your Website – 1 000 000 Visitors/ Month

How to get traffic fast from Youtube

Youtube facts 2019

  • Youtube is the 2 largest search engine after google  in the world
  • 1,300,000,000 people around the world use Youtube as a search engine every day
  • 5 billion videos are watched each day
  • 30 000 000 visitors each day
  • YouTube users Male: 38%
  • YouTube users Female: 62%
  • 50% of video views on Youtube came from mobile device

How to get massive traffic from Youtube?

YouTube is so powerful because people are searching millions of times per day there’s low
competition and it allows you to engage with people at the highest level.
Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and the cool thing is people searching YouTube are there to find answers that are there to find reviews they’re there to learn from people how to do something. That’s the number one thing of YouTube so you can get a lot of organic traffic
from people searching for stuff.

1 .Step one is identifying the product the problem that your niche is trying to solve

We’re going to do is we’re going to pop up right in front of those people so step one is identifying

the product the problem that your niche is trying to solve. Let’s say it is “how to lose weight”. 

2.Write down the topic of your business or problem your niche is trying to solve on Youtube search bar 

3.Start typing in YouTube search bar keyword you wanna target (your niche keyword, your product keyword)

Don’t finish whole phrase. What happens next is auto suggestion. Youtube search bar comes up with phrases what are people looking the most for. This is a way to figure out what people are searching the most for in your niche.

4.Make videos for all keywords what comes up from Youtube search bar

Create short video for all these keywords to rank you video on Youtube fast and drive traffic to your affiliate offer or to blog and make money.

How to get Massive traffic from Facebook

Create facebook page


Find viral video in your niche  on YouTube

Do a search on youtube. Type in Youtube search bar phrase viral and your niche keyword: viral weight loss video or funny weight loss compilation 2016 . . . . The point of all is to find the most viral and funny video in your niche.

Download Viral youtube video

Download viral video with the fastest free YouTube downloader

Viral video Characteristic

-short – viral video optimal length (30 s – 90 s)




Uplaod video on Your Facebook page


Post video on your Facebook page with engaging description be creative and go viral. Create Shocking, Valuble ads. 

Great Facebook post include

Create visual valuable and funny post. More engaging post you create cheaper clicks you will get.

Posts with higher CTR (click thorugh rate) results in very cheap clicks.

Post with high CTR:

Advertise your viral video on Facebook

1.Login to Facebok Ads Manager with your Facebook profile

2. Create new campaign

3. Target your audience. If your niche is “Loss weight” then target interest: weight loss,

4. Try to choose more interest to test which targeting works better

5.Choose you facebook page to advertise

6.Choose your viral video post to advertise.

7.Run ads and analys reports.

More engaging, actionable, visual  ads have better results and cheaper clicks.

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