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If you are looking for the reward sites such as valued opinions, you have come to the right place. There have been many questions regarding which sites are the right alternatives or replacements to valued opinions that also have made features simple such as valued opinions. Keep in mind that websites such as valued opinions provide paid surveys and also paid email, paid to shop, product trials, paid search and paid to sign up, etc which will surely raise the earnings every day. To make big money with the websites such as valued opinions, you will want to participate in more than one site, a minimum of five to ten websites are good, to begin with.

1. SurveyDownline

What is SurveyDownline:

SurveyDownline is a service like valued opinions, where people in the united kingdom, the united states, Australia, and Canada can do paid surveys and make money for their opinions. It is hundred percent free to participate and you can also terminate your account at any time. Joining online surveys is a simple method to make additional money in leisure time. Paid surveys are easy to do at any time. Even the busiest one can do a paid market research survey easily within a minute. SurveyDownline is different, it is not like some paid survey sites due to the reason they see their members as partners. Without the members who join in the surveys, they would not have a business.

Two-tier program:

Some survey sites may settle the members with entries into small cash or sweepstakes rewards which show a fraction of money produced. SurveyDownline pays the members about forty-five percent of the money they made from the members of the survey finish, a real partnership. This site provides a two-tier referral campaign where you can say your family members and friends about the service and get paid each time they do a survey. They have a large number of members who make hundreds of dollars monthly without making a single survey. You can make thirty-five percent for every survey you finish. You can also do ten percent for every survey finished by friends you recommend. Your privacy is hundred percent secure at the website and you can terminate the account according to your wish at any time.

Market research:

To get begin with filling out the survey on the site you have to fill out the form seen on the website page. SurveyDownline is an online survey firm that combines market research with wonderful multi-level marketing business design. This lets the company give two various methods through which the members can make money. First, such as all market research firms, its members are given cash between ten cents and twenty dollars to finish separate surveys. Invitations for the survey will be emailed and members will be approved according to their qualifications and on a first arrive, first serve basis. You can even employ your family members and friends to finish surveys on the website. When you refer others, the earning design will modify.

Survey Downline
Survey Downline

Product evaluations:

You make thirty-five percent of what the website is paid for the finishing of a survey. You make ten percent when the recruits finish a survey and five percent if the people you refer have employed finish a survey. This site also offers its members the chance for completing goods evaluations, but remember these always need buying of a product. The registration process is actually easy and simple. Ensure the email account is valid and active. You cannot just assess a product simply according to the particular posted online; you will want to try the product and test it prior to you do your evaluation on the quality of the item. Rewards from the site are hard cash according to the US dollar denomination.

Leverage campaign:

You can even look for other payment choices. You can refer your friends through Facebook, email, or Twitter accounts. It is an excellent leverage campaign. This can be one of the negative points also. People from outside of the U.S. will not be able to register as members and join the surveys. You will want to join in more surveys to make about twenty dollars. The survey downline is legit, but to earn money, it is good to target the referral program. This is the way you could leverage the money-making potential. It is difficult to employ and you will want to refer a major sum of people when you need to make money from the survey downline.

Survey Downline registration link INTERNATIONAL


2. Sites Like Valued Opinions – One World to Give Surveys

Great goodwill:

Cause-associated marketing is the best method for an organization to make great goodwill for the brand and present to users and consumers that the firm is socially conscious and interested to perform its part to offer social good. There are some ventures that assist users and app developers to perform their part in giving for worthy reasons. The process is easy, the actions are based on an ad network, that will advertise and market the app on a price per install basis and charge you per install. The customer has presented an app wall or interstitial page, where they will be informed that while they install and find out the app, offerings of 0.05 USD dollars will be earned on a charitable cause to a non-profit company that offers interest-free small loans to low-income business owners all over the world.

One World to Give-take surveys what interest you most

SDK integration:

Along with the goodwill related to the app, the customer would possibly spend money on an app buy, understanding that they are facilitating a conscious company all over the world. Chances for re-engagement arrive when the developers can deal with the company to send the users notifications, motivating them to re-engage with the right app to do extra contributions to the cause. You can use the app to get users; it motivates the users to attempt the app because the actions will offer social good. It produces goodwill, on the app developer and the site where it is marketed. It monetizes the users, there is no SDK integration needed by the publisher. Are you finding for new users? It is a new app where non-incent traffic is made to the app, by this platform.

No extra charge:

If the person likes to install and check out the app, the company do a contribution for a charitable reason. The benefits of the campaign are it motivates the user to check out the apps because the actions will provide to social good. When it does not offer a straight reward to the user, he will be forced to attempt the app if you are really interested in it. This action even makes goodwill on the app developer and advertiser and the site where it is marketed because the user sees the mode as being socially conscious. You do not want to pay any additional charges. Publishers, here is a new method to produce revenue from the users which can really benefit, the users also. People are very tired of viewing ads, it should speak directly to the users or when they possess an interest in the ad, if not users will fully ignore it.

Social network:

There is a platform for you to produce revenue for the site and app that has proved to out-function routine display ads. With the new app, the company does show personal ads for apps however they attract a user’s humanitarian side and make a value exchange. The company says to them that in exchange for checking out the app or ad, they will do a donation to a charity organization because of the actions. Usually, people like to make good, particularly if it is free. They will be making good sense for themselves or getting contributed to social good. Do you contain a social network following on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with more than five thousand followers? You are an influence, you have put effort to obtain followers and is your chance to produce a few revenues from the users when getting them to feel the experience also.

Charitable cause:

When you sign up as an influencer with the company, they send you an app to check and you assess it on social media. If the followers view the review and place the app with your link, the company pays you. Along with these, for each app that is placed, the company also do a contribution to charitable reasons. Your users follow you because they like you. In the same way, they would like you while they look that you are offering social good.

Sites Like Valued Opinions

3. Sample-Cube Router

What is a sample cube router?

Users can open a new account in a sample cube router and finish surveys where they get the chance to make amazing rewards when offering their opinions, perceptions, and thoughts regarding the goods and services. A hat of hundred leads is placed to the new publisher operating the offer. After the quality has been well known the hat can be eliminated or raised. Sample cube provides single entry links to the router program, where the user is paid on a single survey conversion. Prior to signing up for the sites, some tips may be of better assistance if you are interested to make money with the websites. First set up an email account to which you can avail simply of paid survey offers, PTC offers, paid sign-up offers, and trial offers.

Sample Cube Surveys Website interface

Maximize the options:

Availing of the right email account will help you avoid spam on the routine account and allow you to make on best of the survey offers you get. Most of them need a particular amount of responders and if that number is attained they close the survey. Most of the websites on the internet are scams that will cost you money for worse or useless information and steal your identity. So it is good to find out every website you are attracted to utilizing with the BBB or sites which report on scams. Open an account with 5 to 10 various sites with the new accounts. Every reward firm is getting a particular team of customers to answer the surveys. By opening an account with different sites you can easily maximize the options of making a lot of offers every day.

Cost-benefit research:

Making plenty of offers, doing plenty of money. It is always good to check your email many times a day. In the starting, fill out the survey, after you receive the feel you can determine whether or not you need to consider particular surveys. Follow what you are making on every website. You can also make a cost-benefit assessment to decide which websites offer you the money in association with the time you afford to make the offers. If the sites contain a paid referral campaign, refer your family members and friends. You can make a commission on a few sites for the offers those who have signed up on the link do. There is a number of legitimate rewards sites such as valued opinions, it is necessary to choose the best one according to your interest.


The only method to get money with the survey sites is to participate in more sites. It is good to join fifteen same sites that help to make over seven thousand dollars monthly. However, you want to be perfectly organized. Get some tips and tricks when you want to do a survey and make money with survey sites. Just you have to choose the company, and sign up for an email account. Answer the questions about the products and services of that particular company. With this feedback, the company is able to improve its goods and services.


There are a lot of sites same to value opinions that are not reviewed here because of the outcome of the unknown amount of legitimacy and complaints offered by the members. But the mentioned websites are presently reliable and high-paying sites. Read the review carefully about its feature, pay


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