How to Create an App 4 Free and Make Money

The fastest, easiest, and the best way for small businesses to build their custom mobile app is to find the right tool that allows them to use the proven apps building platforms. There is no need to learn various complicated coding to create an app 4 free these days. All that you require is to find the best tool, which mostly is free. These tools exist and are readily available online. They allow one to build beautiful mobile apps and mobile websites with totally no programming knowledge needed and they come free with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Learning how to make a Phone app with others will give you time to learn hands-on how to do those things. This experience will prove invaluable as you continue to tweak existing or develop new apps in the future. It is not an easy thing to move from raw ideas to working apps but with your foot in the door a bit of success under your belt and most importantly money in the bank you can hire someone to make your ideas a reality the next go around.

Let’s take a look at how anyone with a great idea, and some determination, can create a money-making App without doing a single bit of programming.

What is an App?

The App is short for Application. An Application is software that can be used for either business or entertainment purposes on a mobile device. These software programs play a huge role in making Phones (and iPads) so popular.

Can You Create an App Free without Knowing How to Program it?

Yes, you can. Many different companies and freelancers will do the programming for you. All you do is give them your concept and a rough idea of how you want it to look. Which you then submit to iTunes.

How Do You Make Money with Phone Apps?

There are two ways to make money creating Apps –

1. Charge a fee per download

2. Give away the product for free with advertisements

The iTunes Store has both free and paid Apps. The typically paid App costs between $1 and $20 with most costing around $1.99. With 20 million Phone owners searching for ways to make their lives easier or more fun, you can see where a popular paid program can make you quite a bit of money.

Most of the Apps on the iTunes Store are given away for free. The free Apps are downloaded much more frequently than the paid Apps. Why give away an App for free? So you can sell advertising. If you create a free App with a high number of downloads, you can make substantial money with advertising. Free Apps can be more profitable than paid Apps.

Clearly, there are a lot of people making money creating Phone Apps. That said, like anything else, it will take a great idea and a lot of hard work. The best thing about this home-based business idea is the upside potential can be huge if you create a winning product.

Another function to look for when building your mobile app for your business is to use a CMS and a content management system that allows for beautiful app design, customization, and functionality across a broad range of mobile devices without doing the programming knowledge needed. The content management software allows one to update the app content or appearance anytime and to modify everything inside the app without having to re-submit it to Apple or Google for a lengthy approval review.

The data backups and data encryption technology and data backups should be the latest in the market and should be performed daily to ensure your data is never lost while using the service.

create an app 4 free

Since it is likely that you will be designing your business app instead of hiring an expensive professional developer, you want to get the help you need when you need it. So, make sure that the service offers hundreds of tutorial articles that document every part of building an app. Look for live webinars on how to build beautiful mobile apps and use help articles if you prefer them over videos.

When using a 3rd party app design tool, you want to have the assurance that the online tool you are using offers all the latest features that will allow the app users, and your customers to use the app to its full potential. These features should include food ordering, shopping cart, loyalty programs, 3rd party integration, push notifications, GPS directions, one-touch calling, tell-a-friend feature for maximum exposure, reservations, a news feed, podcasts, video integration, event listing and attendance, custom email forms, email photo feature, native image gallery, fan wall, GPS coupons, tip calculator, sports stats, mailing list, and more.

The most important feature that you want your app to have is pushing notifications. Push notes allow you to send messages directly to your customer’s phones to inform them about business events and specials, update customers on new app content, send special offers and coupons, and send actionable messages.

1. Understand the requirements of your project.

This is the primary step while outsourcing companies using the app to build your first App. Before you decide on the company, ensure that you understand all requirements of your application. You should clearly define the scope, nature, and utility of the app, and what you aim to achieve from it, and only then should you source talented companies. If you are not clear about what you require from the application, the project is doomed to fail eventually.

2. Do your research well.

Knowledge is power, and so your research for the right mobile Company using the app is going to help you in the long run. Do your research thoroughly before you decide to outsource the project, go online and search about all of the leading app development services provided. Understand all services they provide, the type of apps they have developed before, and what are the prices at which they offer their services.

3. Pilot Test.

There is a possibility that the app development companies you have found might not have developed apps using features that you want to include in your application. You should take a pilot test to test the company’s skills.

If you are new to pilot testing, it means that you give a sample of your app to a Company using the app that they are supposed to complete within a specific duration of time. For example, in case you need to develop a logistics app to track your transportation trucks. You can ask the app Company using the app that you have chosen to develop a sample user interface of the application before you finalize the app development project with them. This way you can gauge the capabilities of the app developers in the areas that are critical to your application development.

4. Opt for flexible hiring models.

There are various app development companies that provide customer-centric hiring and highly flexible mode. Depending on the nature of your project, you should contact a company that has no problems in working either on per hour basis or a week or a monthly basis. This is important because if you get to pick up the hiring model, you can save a lot of time and avoid compromising on the quantity of the applications.

5. After-sale support.

A governing factor in your choice of the best app developers has to be the support provided by them. If you, as a business entity or an entrepreneur are new to the entire world of app development, you would require extra effort to get the hang of the app. Also, if you make the app available for a lot of users, you may have to face queries of the same. Hence, the best app Company using the app is one that offers splendid after-delivery services. The company should offer full support to their clients, even after they have submitted the application. After-sale support is important, hence making it a non-negotiable point.

6. Remember, cheap is not always the best.

While opting for the development company, understand one basic rule, that is, cheap is not always the best. No company would offer just too many services and that too at extremely low prices, and hence you should be wary about the same. While opting for the outsourcing services providing company, understand that the best company would be moderately priced – neither at the top nor the bottom of the pricing ladder. The best approach would be to get quotes from different companies and negotiate after that.

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7. Customer Reviews.

Getting customer reviews and contacting them can be helpful in selecting the right app development company. You should search for an app Company using the app that easily extends their customer’s contact details. Get in touch with those customers to get their feedback from the company. You should enquire from these customers about the quality of apps developed by the company and their level of satisfaction. Also, ensure to find out whether the app Company using the app delivers the project on a timely basis. Ensure that you see the customer reviews to find out whether the app Company using the app maintains a stable reputation in the market.

8. The level of Agility.

The app Company using the app you choose should be able to cater to your ever-changing app requirements. The company should access your ideas according to market conditions and work accordingly to deliver the fancied outcome. The team members should adapt and be flexible to your growing needs. They should deliver an app that perfectly fits your business objectives and is in line with the latest technology and market trends. Make sure that you choose a company that is familiar with the market fluctuations, utilizes opportunities, and can overcome the challenges of the ever-changing app development technology.

9. Technology and resources.

The first factor for selecting an app Company using the app is its resources and technology. Ensure that you chose an app Company using the app with skilled developers and app consultants. The Company using the app should have in-depth knowledge and technical competency in the app development. Ensure that you find out the level of experience that they have in working on different app development projects.

The app Company using the app should be in a position to work with the latest and upcoming technologies. The company should be updated with the most recent technological know-how. Ensure that the company has the most current technologies.

10. Portfolio.

When searching for an app development company, ensure that you enquire about their app portfolios and about the projects they have handled in the past. Look at their past work, the apps they have built, app downloads, and their customer’s reviews. By looking at the app development company’s portfolio, you will get a fair idea of its full potential.

Every month, Apple’s app store makes nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in sales of their apps and games. Every day people are each raking in hundreds to thousands of dollars on a daily basis by creating and selling these very same apps. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of people like Ethan Nichols, the creator of iShoot, making $600,000 in a month, or the brain behind iFart making $27,249 in a single day. The numbers are both astounding and inspiring, to say the least, but such figures naturally lead the curious and logical person to ask, “But how exactly do these people make money with iPhone apps?”

When looking through the eyes of the consumer, there are two types of apps: paid and free, with each having its advantages, and each being equally lucrative. The paid app revenue model is quite straightforward. Apps are offered for sale at a set price, usually, somewhere between 99 cents and $2.99, which may seem modest at first, until you realize that these numbers could easily translate to $1 million to $3 million in revenue for a popular app.

The free app revenue model, on the other hand, has its basis in advertising, which it relies upon to bring in profits. Advertising itself is a multi-billion dollar industry monthly, and with the number of iPhone and iPhone app users currently at over 70 million and growing, companies realize the value in advertising through apps. Google AdSense and AdMob are two standouts at the forefront of serving mobile ads, which often take the form of banners running across the top or bottom of the app screen space. In its relatively brief lifespan, AdMob mobile ads have resulted in over 474 billion impressions, which translates to lots of happy advertisers, and therefore lots of happy app developers with even happier wallets.

An advantage of offering apps for free to the consumer is that they get a chance to first test out your app, risk-free. An unknown, independent app developer may have trouble getting people to pay for their apps, since there may be some uncertainty about the app’s interface, usefulness, or potential bugs or technical glitches. But when the app is offered for free, the consumer can be more at ease, and the developer can gain the trust of a new customer who could pay off in the long run, which introduces a new revenue model that is growing in popularity that merges the free and paid revenue models. This “freemium” model entails offering the product for free initially, then charging later, which should be easy after the consumer has already established their necessity for the app. This way, app creators get a chance to cash in on profits through both advertising in the free app and backend purchases.

There are multiple ways of offering an app free, then making money later. One can offer the ability to unlock additional levels (for games) or features (for apps) for an extra price, which can sometimes mean offering a lite or demo version first. Or, some apps offer the entire app for free, then the ability to remove ads for a price. Many developers also make money by offering a free app with “in-app” purchases, which allows the app user to buy items using virtual currencies that help them to better use the app or advance in the game. Facebook’s Mafia Wars is one of the several games they offer that implement this model. This model can be tricky, however, because developers must balance providing an additional purchase that enhances the app or game experience, while simultaneously not cheating people who opt not to upgrade by making them feel as if they have an incomplete, unusable app.

One final step in making money with apps is capitalizing upon the success one has already achieved. Once developers make money and gain notoriety with a popular app, they can advertise within that app for a new, upcoming app that they have created. They can leverage their company’s notoriety and release and market subsequent apps, taking advantage of their wide user base of already happy app users.

Making money with iPhone apps sounds easy enough, and believe it or not, making apps themselves can be just as easy. It is easy to be intimidated by technical talk of source code and programming, and most people will let their intimidation and fear of the unknown get the best of them and will never act on their great ideas for apps…or for anything for that matter. These very people will never know the profits that could have awaited them.

Learning how to make a Phone app generally will cost you something more than time. There is the actual programming, the graphics, and being a part of the developer’s program, which alone is around $100.00 a year. If this isn’t something, you are prepared to pay then the best thing to do is to team up with others who have the skill set you need.

Look at it like this it is better to share the profits from a quality app than to have 100% of an app that is not selling at all. There is an old saying that two heads are better than one and in this case, it is the truth. The resources of everyone on the team will be used to enhance the product thus ensuring a better product. Remember knowledge is the most needed resource at this point.

Teaming up with someone or several people that know as little as you do is not the objective. Actively seek out people that know how to A) program, B) do graphic designs, and C) have internet marketing skills. Your great idea and these three people can have you rolling in the dough sooner than if you try to go it alone.

When the first celebrity decided to make their very own sneaker, purse or perfume they invariably seek out professionals to launch their first few attempts. Sure they had to cut them in on the action, but they also learned a lot from these people and eventually were able to step out and make deals on their own.

Billion-dollar businesses have been known to team up when the economy lags in keeping their heads above water. If it is good enough for millionaires, celebrities, and athletes, then there must be a reason. That reason is simple, and that is it works. Unless you want to spend a lot of man hours learning programming, graphics, and marketing, this is how you make a Phone app for free.


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