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Swagbucks is one of the most popular sites that pay you good money to do a variety of online tasks. Try to do a Google search of “paid survey websites” and chances are that Swagbucks will be at the top of the search results. But is Swagbucks worth it? More importantly, is Swagbucks free to join, or are there hidden catches that rope you in?

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What is Swagbucks?

Here is an honest Swagbucks review that I have come up with to help my readers. You’ll get to understand whether or not Swagbucks is a legitimate earning option for paid surveys or if it’s not just worth the time. You’ll also get to learn the many ways you can earn a decent amount of money not just by Swagbucks surveys, but with other money-making opportunities they present on their website.

If you’re looking for a legit home-based method of making money online, then Swagbucks is a good place to start. Being at the top of Google’s list means that the brands and the companies are trustworthy and have been around for a long time. More often than not, they are exactly what you will be looking for when you type in “get paid by completing surveys“. So there’s no reason why you should think of Swagbucks as a scam- the many people who have tried it report getting paid in a timely manner. Sure, there are technical glitches and payment hiccups every now and then (which company doesn’t?), but you will get paid eventually. There’s the Help link for sending a report, and plenty of other available channels you can use to contact the Swagbucks support staff when it comes to being paid and collecting your bucks.

swagbucks uk review
Swagbucks home page layout

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you get into the Swagbucks website is their slogan- The Largest Free Online Rewards Program, located at the top of the page. It’s just right beside the login links and the registration option. If there’s any indication that paid survey sites are doing well in the internet age, Swagbucks will be a solid testament to that.

It’s hip and cool-sounding. Swagbucks has captured the attention of those who’d love to make money while sitting in the comfort of their own home. In today’s internet age, making money isn’t just limited to sitting on office desks and answering to a boss anymore. People have more freedom to earn money the way they’ve always wanted. Online opportunities, businesses, and ventures have given the people to make good money doing the things they love. So if you’re sick and tired of being tied up to a chair and slaving away at a 9 to 5 job, then Swagbucks can be that fresh start.

The brand name may be unique, but there are plenty of other paid survey sites on the web nowadays. Swagbucks stands out on top because they have pioneered the paid survey sites of today. You can bet that other sites have modeled their business on how Swagbucks operates and how they reward their users. The only thing I can say at this point is that the overall site can still be improved so that Swagbucks users can earn even more money during their spare time.

Earn points for taking a survey or watching videos and redeem the points for gift cards or cash

How Does Swagbucks Work?

What can you do in Swagbucks once you have registered and been verified? Lots of things. But the bottom line is that each action you take here will earn Swagbucks, simply known as SB, a type of in-site currency you can exchange for many kinds of rewards later on. The whole premise revolves around rewarding users for accomplishing certain tasks such as:

  • Using their built-in search engine to look up websites
  • Watching videos
  • Completing surveys for Swagbucks

And much, much more. It should be worth noting that the ratio of Swagbucks to actual money is not the same. For example, one survey may give you 500 Swagbucks, but it doesn’t mean that you have earned 500 pounds. The important thing to focus on is that Swagbucks can be converted into gift cards or cash when the time comes that you have enough. Here’s where Swagbucks becomes different from all other paid sites running around the web. They do pay their users instead of providing excuses mas and giving them the run-around. When you join Swagbucks to earn money online, you can be sure to get compensation for it. So while you’re just hanging out in your home doing nothing, why not spend a few minutes here and there while sipping coffee and get paid for it? Time is money, and Swagbucks can help you turn that extra time into extra cash.

swagbucks uk reviews

The Swagbucks experience shines when you establish a daily rhythm of clicking and navigating around the website a few times per day.

Woke up in the morning and want to see the fresh offers Swagbucks have for its users.

Log on and browse around for a bit. Just had your lunch and you want to supplement your income?

Open up your laptop and watch a few videos, play the available games or complete a survey or two.

Just got home and you’re looking to unwind?

Click on the Swagbucks site while sipping wine or beer. The freedom is outstanding- you can work anytime on any schedule you wish without being reminded that your lunch break is over or without your boss looking over your shoulder. It’s refreshing and presents a welcome change!

Is Swagbucks free?

Yes, you can apply. (link below)

Sign Free Swagbucks account for free.

Swagbucks sign-up link

You can earn 2 SB points just for signing up

How Do You Sign Up?

Are you ready to sign up? Simply click on the Swagbucks website and hit the “Sign Up” button. Keep in mind that Swagbucks is available in all countries. For a complete list of countries that can participate in the Swagbucks platform, click on the FAQ located at the bottom of the website.

Confirm your registration by visiting your email inbox and clicking on the link provided. Congratulations! You are now a Swagbucks user.

You can earn another SB point just for confirming your email

Take it slow and see everything Swagbucks has to offer. Click on the links that interest you.

Understanding how it works is easy- Swagbucks has added helpful explanations of the things you can do and how you can do it. The corresponding SB points can usually be found beside the offers.

You can start computing the number of SB points needed to reach the threshold and get sent your first Swagbucks reward.

You’ll probably notice that the more you visit the Swagbucks website, the more you get rewarded in SB points.

This is their “Loyalty Program”, which is quite similar to other apps that give you the incentive to log in to their site each day.

You’ll have to do a bit of work though to get the loyalty reward, but there’s nothing to it. Swagbucks will list a short to-do that you can complete within a day and earn X amount of SB points for that day.

Earn Swagbucks answering polls

You get bonus SB points for reaching your goals per day. Carry on the daily tasks and you’ll see the fruits of your labor after the 7th day.

Swagbucks will then compensate you for the time and effort you put in by adding bonus SB points when you complete the tasks. It’s easy and it’s a good way to get started earning your Swagbucks rewards!

Don’t forget to claim them by the end of the month. Remember the routine we talked about? Make sure to include Swagbucks in it so you can get paid sooner. The more SB points you earn the better and higher the reward tiers. Plus, you can do plenty of micro-tasks and really get into the meat of what Swagbucks has to offer. Having patience and looking forward to the long-term rewards should be your focus when you work at Swagbucks. Trust me, you’ll enjoy doing the daily tasks and the satisfaction of completing them each day!


Swagbucks Surveys

Let’s talk about what put Swagbucks on the map- their surveys.

Swagbucks rewards its users with corresponding SB points for completing surveys.

You will notice that not all surveys give the same number of Swagbucks– some are more while others offer less. But before you go off in a tirade, remember that the surveys themselves are different from one another.

Some surveys will prove to be a breeze while other surveys will require a bit more of your time to finish.

The correlation is such that the more questions a survey has, the more reward points it will give you at the end. Sounds fair?

The range of SB points given will be somewhere between 1 to a thousand SB points for completed tasks.

Personally, I haven’t seen surveys that give a measly 1 SB point, so that’s a fair trade for participating companies and the Swagbucks community.

You will be justly compensated for the time you spend answering questions. Plus, if you think that a survey offers fewer points, then you can simply skip over it and get higher-paying surveys.

You won’t be forced to ever participate in a survey you don’t want, which is always a good thing.


What factors decide the number of Swagbucks on an online paid survey?

The length and difficulty are some things that come to mind. It makes total sense that companies should give more SB to those who are willing to slog through the questions (some of them could be difficult to answer) than a survey that only has 20 “yes or no” questions.

One thing you should also know is that some surveys pay more points because of the target demographics.

For example, a survey might pay more SB points for gamers who are living in California because that demographic is rarer than gamers who are residing in other countries.

For this exact reason, you will be seeing surveys that are an exact fit for the credentials you submitted as you create your Swagbucks account.

It pays to be honest when you put in your personal information. Though you can potentially get more quality surveys if you lie about your age, location, work, or any other personal information, it’s only a matter of time before Swagbucks discovers that you’ve been dishonest about the information you entered on their site.

In a way, all your hard work will be reversed and you’ll be harshly penalized.

Your Swagbucks account will be blocked and you can possibly be banned from their website.

Any and all SB points you may have earned up to that point will be deleted as well. Bottom line is that you should fill up your profile as truthfully and as honestly as you can, or you’ll regret it.

Take a look at Swagbucks‘ disclaimer: “Please answer thoughtfully and carefully. There’s no right or wrong answer, but speeding through the survey or taking more than one instance of the survey, and providing misleading answers could potentially result in account deactivation.

All SB points will be forfeited as well.” Then there’s a checkbox that acknowledges you have read and understood the terms of the Swagbucks survey. It’s just a friendly reminder that you can earn legitimate money in Swagbucks provided that you are within the set rules and regulations.

I appreciated the fact that Swagbucks is very transparent about their earning models and how they use your information in their participation with 3rd parties.

There’s information to be found on the site and on each survey you click on. This is a welcome change from other paid survey sites that will keep you in the dark about how you earn and where your information goes.

One moment you could be completing a short survey, and before you know it you’re being sent unsolicited emails that fill up your inbox with useless offers from shady enterprises.


Online surveys are distributed per matching demographics in an advanced matching algorithm. Since companies set the target demographic with specific parameters, not all Swagbucks users will be able to participate.

It’s a first-come-first-served basis so you will have to accept and take the survey before someone else does.

You’ll have to answer short questions in order to see if you qualify for a survey or not.

Don’t be disappointed if the results come up with a “not match”, because there are plenty more paid surveys out there. Swagbucks is one of the best-paid survey sites because they are popular.


Most companies who need a completed survey in a short time period can rely on Swagbucks to deliver quickly.

Plus, you can get 1 SB point just for the effort of signing up for a paid survey even if you are disqualified in the end.

Oh, and one more thing. Swagbucks has extended from being just a paid survey website to one that offers a variety of tasks SB users can access via their tablets or smartphones.

No matter whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you can download the Swagbucks app, open it, log in and continue earning SB points from there.

It’s convenient, easy to use, and allows you to earn money even while you’re out of the house.


Other Ways Of Earning Swagbucks


Like most paid survey sites, Swagbucks has an extensive referral program that will give you points for referring someone to be a Swagbucks user. The amount of SB points you can earn is around 10 percent of the referred member’s lifetime earnings.

Here’s an example- you refer a friend to be a Swagbucks member. On their first survey, they are awarded 100 SB points.

You as the referrer get 10 percent of the share, which is equivalent to 10 SB points.

Not bad, considering that your friend did the work and you just referred him or her to the Swagbucks program.

You can make quite a passive income if you know a lot of people who are keen on the idea of earning money online by completing surveys.

Of course, your friends will have to be active members so you can continue earning points. They will have to log in and do tasks regularly so the referral program points will be awarded to you.

It’s a per-effort basis, because the more your referrals earn, the more cash you earn as well!


Swagbucks Codes

What could be easier than entering a Swagbucks code and getting points for it? Do this regularly and you’ll get a lot of easy SB you can cash in at a later time. The Swagbucks codes will be verified on the main member’s page. Here’s how you do it:

1. Find the Swagbucks codes and copy them into a notepad.

2. Go to your main Swagbucks member page and locate the “Add Swagbucks Code” area.

3. Paste the code in and hit “Enter”.

There are many ways to find Swagbucks codes. One surefire way is to visit the Swagbucks blog site every day because the admin puts up the code for the users to see. All of this will only take a few minutes per day, but the rewards are immensely gratifying.

Cash Back

Swagbucks makes online shopping at Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, and Amazon that much more rewarding by offering their own version of the cashback process. If you have participated in cashback offers from credit cards before, then you know the drill. A small percentage of the total purchase goes back either in the form of reward points or actual money.

Swagbucks is generous enough to sometimes extend up to a whopping 20 percent of your money back in certain purchases, but that won’t always be the case.

This will depend on the item that you will buy; it’s not unusual to see some goods that have a cashback discount while others don’t have it.

I made a list of my to-buys and got some of the cashback from Swagbucks for it. I was buying the item anyway, so in the end, I got a portion of my money back. Thanks, Swagbucks!

This feature comes especially handy during the holidays when physical retail shops and online shops are offering their wares at low prices.

What could be better than a TV at 50% off than one that’s 50% off and has a huge 20% cash back, courtesy of Swagbucks? Now that’s what I call value.


The Swagbutton

The Swagbutton is a handy extension that allows Swagbucks users to complete tasks without going into a separate web browser screen.

This means that you can just click on the icon on the right side of your Chrome browser and do the things you normally do inside the Swagbucks website. Some of the Swag codes you see will only be redeemable within the Swagbutton tool.

Use the Swagbutton in conjunction with your Swagbucks cashback program. This handy program can be downloaded so you can watch videos for SB points, take surveys, and get notified of when a particular item has a cashback option.

Keep in mind that shopping discount offers are refreshed daily, so tap into your inner consumer and see what Swagbucks can offer in terms of large discounts for your item wish list.


Swagbucks Search Engine

Aside from getting paid to do online surveys, you can get SB points for using the Swagbucks search engine as you normally would a normal web browser. Those who are used to Google will find it weird and a bit discomforting at first, but keep on using it and you’ll be acclimatized in no time at all!

If you’re worried about personal security and your information being sold off to the highest bidder, don’t. Since Swagbucks is a huge online company that makes profits from its users, they naturally protect their members from these kinds of things.

Yahoo powers the whole search engine!

which means it is safe and secure. As for earning points, you get a rewards bonus SB when you type in what you want to search for and hit the enter key. The points are generated randomly, but there’s really nothing better than earning SB for typing in “funny dog sounds”.


Can you just sit on a chair and do random searches in the Swagbucks engine all day? Sadly, no. The system isn’t made that way.

Swagbucks follows a set algorithm for sending SB points your way when you do an online search.

They do however say that the more time you spend on the Swagbucks search engine, the more SB you can earn. The bottom line is that it’s all about quality and not quantity.

Add this to the repertoire of tasks you can do at Swagbucks and you’ll have plenty of SB to exchange after a month or so.

If you don’t want to waste unearned SB points by mistakenly searching on the old Google engine, then you can set the Swagbucks search engine as a toolbar you can call up in just one click. In this way, you can be sure that all of your searches will be marked by Swagbucks.

Swagbucks Tasks

Are you familiar with Amazon Mechanical Turk, CrowdFlower, and other similar websites? They operate on the basis of paying people to do really simple tasks in a repetitive manner.

This engine is powered by CrowdFlower, which funnels in hundreds of micro-tasks that Swagbucks users can do in their spare time. Click a little, use your brain and send in the completed work for a set amount of SB points. It’s simple and can really add up over time!

What you should look forward to is that these micro-tasks are becoming more and more mainstream because online companies need the help of thousands of willing workers to complete these menial tasks.

I’d say that there will be a market in the future for these kinds of jobs. You can jump right in and familiarize yourself with how it works so you can gain invaluable work skills you can use later on.

Some Swagbucks users have become experts at this and they can do a huge amount of micro-tasks within the hour and get handsomely rewarded for it.


Swagbucks Games

Earn precious SB points while playing online games? Sign me up! Swagbucks has come up with a fun way for its members to earn easy SB in the form of games. Some of the current offerings include Scrabble Cubes, Bejeweled Blitz, and the Wheel of Fortune.

Granted, the number of SB you earn here won’t be as high as what you’d make in other sections, but getting rewarded for kicking back and relaxing is a trade I’m willing to enter. ň

I earn most of my points on surveys, but after an hour or two I’d get inside the Games section and release some pent-up steam. It’s very relaxing, to say the least.


Swagbucks Watch

Remember the part where I told you that you can earn SB points while watching videos?

Here it is. Click on the Swagbucks Watch on the main menu to start watching videos.

These videos give you much-needed Swagbucks points, which will bring you closer to exchanging your SB for gift cards or cash!

The number of points per video watched varies, but you do get around 1 to 4 SB points per 4 to 8 short videos.

The great thing here is that you won’t have to focus your full attention while watching the SB video simply pull one up, let it play, and move on to the next available one.

You just have to be aware of when it starts and ends so you can click on the next video. Watching Swagbucks videos is somewhat of a passive earning opportunity in that you can select a playlist and let it play by itself as you complete other tasks such as Swagbucks Games, Surveys, Cash Back, Swagbucks Tasks, etc.

Other Ways To Earn Swagbucks

Rounding out the list of ways of earning SB points are the following:

Hourly Random Winner. A Swagbucks member stands to earn a set amount of SB points. The Swagbucks blog will show a random Swagbucks user and its avatar when they win the hourly prize.

You’ll have to be on your toes if you want to stand a chance of getting that bonus, though.

When you see your Swagbucks user name, click on the link so you can claim the SB points.

These points will not be delivered to your Swagbucks balance if you don’t click on the link, so make sure you visit their blog every so often to see if you’re the random lucky winner.

Sweepstakes. Spend some SB to join huge sweepstakes that reward a mountain of SB points for the winner. Feeling lucky?

Enter the Swagbucks sweepstakes and cross your fingers. It’s an exciting feature that most SB users participate in.

I participated in a few entries myself but have yet to win the grand prize. Still, nothing beats the exhilaration of getting a massive amount of SB when your username is displayed on-screen!

You can redeem your SB points for cash and shop directly at your favorite store like Amazon

Swagbucks Rewards

What do you get from accumulating all those SB points? The rewards. Here is where it gets exciting.

You get online a few times a day to earn SB points. This is the moment where you can exchange those in-house points for real-life rewards.

The rewards system is such that you will have to collect a certain number of SB points before you can qualify for a reward.

Keep at it and be patient and you’ll soon see your SB points grow. Of course, you’d have to log in each day and do your part in earning those points.

The best way to earn is to naturally go about as if you’re just using your computer.

Do an online search here and there, buy the things you want, watch videos, play games and if there’s a survey, see if you qualify for it. Easy SB points!


You can click on the Swagbucks Store on the main member page and see what kind of items you can get for your SB points.

The rewards are divided up according to their respective sections- there’s the Department Store, the Accessories and Apparel section, the Electronics store, the Travel store, the Sports and Outdoors section, the Health and Beauty section, Gas Cards, Fun and Games, Music and Entertainment, etc.

The amount of SB you have is listed right beside the menu so you can gauge what you can buy with your current SB points.

It’s a matter of exchanging the SB you’ve earned for the corresponding rewards listed, then hitting the “Accept” button to carry out the transaction.

Swagbucks users can exchange their SB for Amazon gift cards or have the SB points converted into real money via PayPal.

As with the other online sites that pay their users, it takes quite a bit of time before the money gets to your PayPal account. You just have to be very patient and allow for the payment time frame to take its course.


Is Swagbucks Worth It or Just a Scam?

In conclusion, I would say first that Swagbucks is not a scam and it never was.

The earning system is legit although it takes some time before you start to see the fruits of your labor.

Yes, you can earn a few SB points here and there and cash it all in by the end of the month time for Amazon gift cards or cash, but it should not replace your day job.

The Swagbucks engine works best if you use it a few times each day. Here’s how you do it- login in the morning and complete the daily tasks set for that day.

Check if there are available surveys you can participate in. Scan the Swagbucks blog to see the code and to check if you have won the random hourly prize.

Then, log out and do your daily stuff. When you have free time, log back in and do some online searches.

Watch videos and play games as you’d like. Then repeat each day until you get the number of SB to exchange for a reward. That’s it!

Swagbucks is one of the best online money-making ventures you can set your eyes on.

It converts your free time into easy cash with little to no effort at all. This is what you can expect when you click on that Sign-Up link on the Swagbucks website.

If you’re looking for an online venture that will replace your 9 to 5, then there are other online businesses you can take up.

Swagbucks is best for supplementing your income and giving you money for your free time. Getting an Amazon gift card for completing a survey is well worth it in the end!

Pros and Cons:


• As of February 2019 SwagBucks is available in every country

• Free account

• Earning money and (Swagbucks points) is fun

• Several ways to make money: playing games, watching videos, searching the web, taking surveys

• You can use Swagbucks on mobile (download the mobile app)

• You can redeem Yours Swagbucks for gift cards

• Friendly community

• Very nice website design

Swagbucks interface – easy to use

• One of the TOP world survey website


Swagbucks search engine is slow

Swagbucks search engine – results are sometimes unrelated

• Mobile website – not all features are available


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